August 2022 Issue

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The Tradition

The Artists

Shades of Blue

By Bill Conger

Photo by Katrina Burgoyne Don’t try to pigeon-hole Kristy Cox into one set category of…

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Smith Brothers’

By Sandy Hatley

Impact on the Bluegrass Industry The brothers grew up in north central North Carolina near…

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Mickey Harris 

By Chris Thiessen

Preparation meets opportunity Photos by Joseph Tipton For a Murfreesboro, Tennessee-based multi-instrumentalist whose musical roots…

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Laura (five years old) with Doyle Lawson and her brother Nathan (notice Paul Williams photo-bombing in the background in front of the white van).

Managing the Main Attraction

By Dan Miller

When you visit your favorite venue or festival and watch the bands perform, you may…

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Donna Ulisse

By Bill Conger

Living Large in Bluegrass Photo by Kim Brantley Bluegrass singer and songwriting ace Donna Ulisse…

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The Sound

Buddy Michaels

By Penny Parsons

Hometown Hero Of N.C. Bluegrass Broadcasting  Photo by Lee Capps Buddy Michaels loves to talk. …

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It Rains Everywhere I Go

By Casey L. Penn

By Don Cusic Sometimes, it takes a while for a song to find the perfect…

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The Venue

Way Down Upon the Suwannee River

By Mike Fiorito

The Suwannee Spring Reunion Photos by Frank Serio In March 2022, I went to the…

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