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2023 Reader’s Poll

In 1967, and again in 1971, Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine presented a Reader’s Poll and we have decided to bring it back in 2023.  There are a lot of categories that we might have selected to include in this poll, however, we decided to stay with tradition and use the same categories that we have used…

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The Foghorn String Band (left to right) Reeb Willms, Caleb Klauder, Nadine Landry, Stephen ‘Sammy’ Lind.

The Foghorn Stringband

Feeling the Joy Of Playing Together Again Photo by Sandlin Gaither It was March 2020. (Cue ominous music.) The Foghorn Stringband was looking forward to their East Coast tour. Reeb Willms and Caleb Klauder were flying in from Portland West (Oregon); Nadine Landry and Sammy Lind were flying in from Quebec. Nadine: “We were starting…

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Andy Thorn

Releases Songs of the Sunrise Fox Photos by Molly McCormick North Carolina native Andy Thorn had traveled to Colorado for the outdoor activities since college, so when he had the opportunity to join a band there, he said, “that was a no brainer for me.” After moving there, in 2008, he had the opportunity to…

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Appalachian Road Show (left to right) Todd Phillips, Jim VanCleve, Barry Abernathy, Darrell Webb, Zeb Snyder

The Appalachian Road Show

Moving Forward with a Vision to Showcase the Roots of a Truly American Genre of Music Photos by Erick Anderson When I first heard the news of the creation of Appalachian Road Show, the idea of bringing together these five musicians made perfect sense. Yet, there was also a sense of their formation being too…

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Tim Graves and the Farm Hands (left to right): Terry Eldredge, Tim Graves, Jimmy Haynes, Don Wayne Reno.

Continuing the Flow of First Generation Bluegrass DNA

Like a lot of folks that grew up in the last century, the Graves family moved north from the Appalachian region looking for work. While Tellico Plains, Tennessee, was the home base for future bluegrass musician Tim Graves, his Dad decided to move the family to Michigan when he was a very young kid. During…

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The Onlies—(left to right) Sami Braman, Riley Calcagno, Vivian Leva, and Leo Shannon.

New Growth on an Old Vine

Photos by Johnny Calcagno There is no groove in American music quite as deep as the one laid down by a hard-driving old-time stringband in full roar. It doesn’t require trickeration or effects pedals or fancy lighting. It can’t be faked. The groove comes from the heart, and it comes from the soul.  The Onlies,…

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