The Sound

Wayne  Henderson

An American Treasure    Photos by Mike England   In this day and age of shake-and-bake stardom, reality television, and fifteen minutes of fame seekers it is comforting and refreshing to know that there are still authentic individuals out there diligently working at their craft and continuing to leave their mark and make a difference. …

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Everybody’s Got A Line

Deeply relatable in lyric yet firmly fun in its delivery, “Everybody’s Got a Line,” written by Chris Jones and recorded by Chris Jones and The Night Drivers (Make Each Second Last, 2021), is a standout relationship song in today’s endless sea of relationship songs.  Written early in 2021, the song became a milestone for Chris…

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Jordan Riehm is the Head of Content at Tunefox


The Future of Tablature Photo by Ryan Leach Learning to read music outside of the realm of classical or jazz music on instruments such as guitar, mandolin, banjo and Dobro, more often than not, involves learning how to read tablature.  Tablature is a written notation where the lines on the page represent the strings of…

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Learning By Ear Course

Learning how to play a musical instrument by ear is a skill that is vital to your development as a musician in traditional genres of music.  While reading music can also be a valuable skill, in most forms of traditional music—folk, old-time, bluegrass, Celtic, blues—the music is historically handed down aurally.  Musicians who participate in…

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RBR Entertainment  Rises Like A Phoenix

A new record label launched by longtime songwriting collaborators Billy Droze and Chris Myers is turning heads in the bluegrass music industry.  RBR Entertainment is churning out hits on bluegrass radio these days by an ever-growing roster of talented newcomers and established veterans. Droze is the label’s creative director and founder who produces projects at…

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Oh, Me Of Little Faith

In my continuous journey to find and highlight exceptional songwriting, I arrived this month on “Oh, Me Of Little Faith,” a song written for the contemporary Christian genre and successfully introduced to bluegrass fans by the husband-and-wife team of Wayne Benson (Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out) and Kristin Scott Benson (The Grascals) as part…

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