The Sound

Keith Yoder. // Photo by Rachel Deutmeyer

Keith Yoder

The Camp Guy If you have attended any of the popular bluegrass music camps that occur around the country every year, you have probably met Keith Yoder. Keith has been an instructor at Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Camp, Colorado Roots Music Camp, Merlefest Jam Camp, NimbleFingers, Strawberry Jam Camp, Acoustic Music Camp, Acoustic Alaska Guitar Camp,…

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Video shoot cast and crew for “The Barber’s Fiddle.”  Photo Courtesy of Dark Shadow Recording

The Barber’s Fiddle

Becky Buller and Lynda Dawson Based on true events, “The Barber’s Fiddle,” written by Becky Buller and Lynda Dawson, has become a signature story song for Buller and the Becky Buller Band. Indeed, since its release in 2020 (Distance & Time, Dark Shadow Recording), it has become a celebrated event thanks to a heart-warming response…

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Tears Of Regret

Jim & Jesse McReynolds and Lucille Hutton The late Jesse McReynolds (1929-2023) was well known for his unique style of mandolin playing and the beautiful vocals he brought to Jim & Jesse and The Virginia Boys. He was also a prolific songwriter – a fact that’s under-recognized by many bluegrass listeners. This from Chris Jones…

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The Best Way to Get Young Kids Started on Stringed Instruments There are many equivalences that one can make between learning a musical instrument and learning a language.  In fact, studies have shown that if a person learns to play a musical instrument when they are young, their brain processes it like a language, using its…

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A Wonder From Down Under

Photo by Bud Osborne Over the last four decades, Australia’s Paul Duff has earned mention in mandolin and bluegrass circles as one of the premier mandolin-family builders. His instruments, which range from an A4-style mandolin to outrageous feats of luthiery like recreating one of Orville Gibson’s early, highly ornate archtop guitars in exacting detail, reflect…

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Guy Clark and Shawn Camp // Photo by Alan Messler

Magnolia Wind

by Guy Clark and Shawn Camp “It has a charm about it … there’s something about the lilt and the sentiment in that song that quiets an audience. I don’t understand it, but it’s there,” said Shawn Camp of his cowrite with Guy Clark, “Magnolia Wind.” That charm of the song’s melody and lyrics has…

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