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Photo by Alexander R. MacLeod

Austin Scelzo

One of Bluegrass’s New Generation Written by Dale and Darcy Cahill It is difficult to write about Austin Scelzo without listing the many ways he has contributed to the bluegrass community. He plays the fiddle and sings for bands On The Trail and the Rock Hearts. He teaches on his own bluegrass, country and roots…

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The Belmont Bluegrass Ensemble performs at the 33rd Annual President’s Concert & Reception at the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, April 22, 2023.  Photo Courtesy of Belmont University

The Belmont University Bluegrass Ensemble

The past academic year has been marked by top-shelf performance experiences for members of Belmont University Bluegrass Ensemble. On April 9, the group made their debut on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, an ultimate musician’s bucket list item. Ryan Joseph, director of the ensemble and coordinator of strings at the university, has played…

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193: Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast with Alan O’Bryant

This week we feature banjo player, singer and songwriter Alan O’Bryant of the Nashville Bluegrass Band.  We talk with Alan about his early days in North Carolina, his move to Nashville and early experiences there working with James Monroe, his…

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Eddie Adcock and Talk of the Town—Band on the Cutting Edge

Reprinted from Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine January 1987, Volume 21, Number 7 His shoulders are braced back, at the ready, and his sharp eyes peer keenly forward, like a dedicated lifelong explorer who knows with certainty that his greatest discoveries lie just ahead. The muse that adrenalizes his creative genius is a restless one (“I don’t…

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Dobro Rhythm Technique

In this video lesson Dobro master Billy Cardine explains and demonstrates a Dobro rhythm technique that can be used when you want to help your rhythm accompaniment on the Dobro have a fuller sound than what is typical when using a chop or roll.

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Basic Scruggs Phrases – Part 4

In this video lesson, Dan Miller continues with his series on building a Scruggs style banjo vocabulary. In this lesson he shows some more phrases that can be played over the G chord and then demonstrates now one might combine some of the phrases shown in all of the lessons posted to date. A banjo…

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