September 2021 Issue

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The Tradition

The Artists

Photos by Scott Simontacchi

Dan Tyminski

By Holly Gleason

Saved by Bluegrass Photos by Scott Simontacchi Forty minutes into conversation, Dan Tyminski drops an…

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Zack Arnold with Rhonda Vincent

Bluegrass Changes, Bluegrass Life, The Pandemic Shuffle

By Derek Halsey

Rhonda Vincent Brings in Zack Arnold as New Guitarist In the world of NASCAR, they…

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Tom Harley Campbell // photo by Jason Kotski

Bluegrass & The Novelist

By Jon Hartley Fox

Bluegrass music is about storytelling. All music is. Rooted in ancient ballads and country music…

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Amanda Cook

By Lee Kotick

Bluegrass Girl Photos courtesy of CDC Artists, Milton, Florida Amanda Cook and her band have…

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Wilma Lee Cooper

Remembering Wilma Lee Cooper

By Jack Bernhardt

“You can’t talk about women in country music, vocal styles, rhythm guitar styles . .…

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The Sound

Gracie Meador // photo by Beckie Fairchild, TGC Photography

Tradition & Innovation

By Jack Tottle

Covering All—Or at Least Some Of—the Basses Once upon a time the A. P. Carter…

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Photo by Joe Worthem

Tell Me You’re Not Leaving

By Casey L. Penn

Photo by Joe Worthem It’s been a few years since Volume Five cut the poignant…

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Bill Evans and the 5-string Banjo

By Jim Borwick

Photo by Snap Jackson Photography One constant in Bill Evans’ 40-plus-year banjo career is helping…

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The Venue

photo by Casey Campbell

An Interview with Pat Morris

By Derek Halsey

The New Executive Director of the IBMA Photo by Casey Campbell After an impressive run,…

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