July 2021 Issue

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The Tradition

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The Artists

John Reischman Walks Along

By David McCarty

Photo By Stephen Schauer John Reischman lives up in the woods. No, John’s home isn’t…

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Missouri Mandolin Master

By Dan Miller

Photos By Caty Smith If you’ve spent time around bluegrass festival jam sessions you may…

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Rhonda Vincent, Jake Goforth, and Dan Tyminski

Rising Star

By Sandy Hatley

This past year has been devastating for the music industry so it is welcoming when something positive…

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The Sound

Building the Multi-Tool of Modern F-5 Mandolins

By David McCarty

Photos by Bud Osborne “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture,” said musician-comedian Martin…

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Caleb Smith

By Michael K. Brantley

Guitar Builder Angling for a Vintage Sound Balsam Range’s Caleb Smith brings an intensity to the…

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The Venue

Bluegrass Goes To College

By Chris Thiessen

Photo by Tim Black Denison University: Bluegrass & American Roots Program Granville, Ohio Established in…

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Randy Wood

Pickin’ Party

By Dennis Satterlee

Randy Wood’s most prized possession back home on the Georgia farm was a pocket knife…

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