January 2021 Issue

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The Tradition

The Artists

Sturgill Butcher Shoppe Semi Song

Back to Cuttin’ Grass

By Matt Wickstrom

Although it’s taken him five albums to put out a project with the bluegrass arrangements…

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Close up image of instrument strings

Wings of a Jetliner

By Bill Conger

Master mandolin player Nate Lee of the Becky Buller Band (B^3) is flying sky high…

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Patrick McAvinue plays violin outdoors

Patrick McAvinue

By Tim Newby

A Perfect Fit Between Nashville and Baltimore “I wanted to help bridge the connection between…

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Donna and Roni Stoneman sit on top of a red vehicle in matching outfits

Donna and Roni Stoneman and The Legendary Stoneman Family

By Dan Miller

Before the Carter Family or Jimmie Rodgers ever stood in front of a microphone to…

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The Sound

Gavin plays his guitar

Gaven “Gravy” Largent

By Lee Kotick

Modern Day Dobro Construction from a Traditional Perspective Photos By Jake’s Visuals In our world…

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A Preston Thompson guitar lying in a bed a plants

A 21st Century Bluegrass Guitar From Oregon’s High Desert

By David McCarty

The D-MA from Preston Thompson Guitars in Sisters, Oregon has almost no interest in impersonating…

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The Venue

Sam Bush, Curtis Burch, John Cowan of New Grass Revival, smile for a photo

But…It’s Never Been Done Before!

By Chris Thiessen

Joanne Gardner, John Lowell, and the Virtual 2020 IBMA Bluegrass Awards Show The performance centerpiece…

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Bill Monroe's headstock on display in a gold frame

Bill Monroe’s Gouged Headstock Veneer

By Dan Miller

If you look at any photo of Bill Monroe holding his mandolin taken between 1950…

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