February 2022 Issue

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The Tradition

Don Bryant

By Dan Miller

A Short— But Brilliant— Bluegrass Career Don Bryant’s experience playing bluegrass in the mid-1950s would…

The Artists

Gena Britt

By Trudy Saunders

Rooted in Tradition Photo By Michael Carter As banjo player for the 2020 International Bluegrass Music…

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Wyatt Ellis

By Chris Thiessen

He’s Got It In Him Photos Courtesy of Teresa Ellis The last few years of…

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Dale Ann Bradley

By Bill Conger

Showers Empathy in Her Music Esteemed bluegrass singer Dale Ann Bradley shares stories of hardship…

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The Sound

Hawthorn Banjos

By Tim May

It just makes sense that the finest musical instruments would be comprised of premier quality…

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Story Behind The Song Two Highways

By Casey L. Penn

“I don’t know how much of this you can share, but I’ll tell you,” joked…

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Phil Salazar

By Dan Miller

And His Fabulous Fiddle Shop Many of the artists that we interview in Bluegrass Unlimited…

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The Venue

Brandon Johnson

Blue Ridge  Music Trails of North Carolina

By Derek Halsey

Website Opens Up Doors to Heart of Bluegrass Bluegrass music was basically created in Nashville…

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The Earl Scruggs Center 

By Jack Bernhardt

Photos Courtesy of The Earl Scruggs Center It’s no exaggeration to say Earl Scruggs changed…

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