December 2023 Issue

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The Tradition

The Artists

Jesse McReynolds and the Virginia Boys at Glenville State College. (Left to Right) Bobby Hicks, Charles Whitstein, Jesse McReynolds, Kent Blanton, Daniel Gridstaff, Luke McKnight and Donny Catron

Jesse McReynolds’ Grandson Takes Us Into The Heart of Bluegrass Music’s First Generation

By Derek Halsey

In the fall of 2022, I explored the region of Southwest Virginia that has produced…

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Jim and Jesse McReynolds, date is 1980. Jesse is playing the John Paganoni mandolin. // Photo courtesy of Joy McReynolds

Jim & Jesse

By Nancy Cardwell

A Legacy of Consistent Excellence and Innovation With the passing of Jesse McReynolds and Bobby…

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Jim and Jesse McReynolds, 1947 promo photo. Photo courtesy of Joy McReynolds

Jim and Jesse: Falling Leaves and Accolades

By Nancy Cardwell

In the well-known song by Grandpa Jones, “Falling Leaves,” we’re told: “To your grave, there’s…

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The Sound

Tears Of Regret

By Casey L. Penn

Jim & Jesse McReynolds and Lucille Hutton The late Jesse McReynolds (1929-2023) was well known…

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The Venue

Bringing Bluegrass in the Future

By Donna Davis

IBMA World of Bluegrass 2023 Photos by Ricky Davis “I hear banjos.” Even Sir Walter…

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