December 2022 Issue

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The Tradition

The Artists

Photo by Jay Strausser Visuals

Chris Pandolfi and the Evolving Nature of Bluegrass

By Tim Newby

 “I discovered bluegrass because of the banjo,” says banjo-picker Chris Pandolfi from the Grammy-Award winning…

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photo by kim brantley

Lincoln Hensley

By Dan Miller

Continuing the Scruggs Style Banjo Tradition Earl Scruggs helped define bluegrass music as we know…

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Photo By Joe Shymanski

Mike Munford and the Soulful Machine

By Tim Newby

“I had no natural inclination towards music, beyond being drawn to the instrument through this…

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The Sound

The ProPik changeover from Jim Mapson to Deering (left to right): Janet Deering, Greg Deering, Jamie Deering, Jim Mapson, Chad Kopotic, and Jamie Latty.

Deering Banjos and the ProPik Finger and Thumbpicks

By Dan Miller

The ProPik brand of finger and thumb picks that are used by banjo, Dobro, fingerstyle…

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Jeff Black // photo by Michael wilson

Gold Heart Locket

By Casey L. Penn

Jeff Black credits a small-but-mighty banjo with providing inspiration for his song, “Gold Heart Locket,”…

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The Venue

The Earls of Leicester (left to right) Charlie Cushman, Johnny Warren, Shawn Camp, Jerry Douglas. Photo by Eli Johnson

First-Ever Earl Scruggs Festival

By Derek Halsey

Finally Takes Place with Potential for the Future Intact The Earl Scruggs Festival has been…

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Hot Rize at Rockygrass (left to right) Pete Wernick, Nick Forster, Tim O’Brien.

Reunite to  Play Rockygrass 2022

By Chris Wathen

Photos by Kevin Slick “I think it’s the 50th anniversary of Rocky Grass and Craig…

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