The Venue

Appalachian Music Program

West Virginia University For bluegrass music fans, West Virginia represents the heartland of the deep and rich musical traditions of Appalachia.  The old rural mountain lifestyle that first generation bluegrass singers remember fondly in their songs about the old log cabin and the homeplace have been passed down in the bluegrass music tradition in such…

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Center for Appalachian Studies

Appalachian State University In the heart of the western North Carolina mountains is the small town of Boone. Named after the historical figure Daniel Boone, who lived in the area for two years in the 1700s hunting and trapping before moving westward through the Cumberland Gap into what is now called Kentucky, Boone also features…

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Bluegrass Music Program

Colorado College Colorado College, located on a ninety-two acre campus in downtown Colorado Springs, is a small liberal arts college comprised of only two thousand total students (only 500 of the 20,000 annual applicants are accepted each year).  The difference between Colorado College and the many other small four-year liberal arts institutions in the United…

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Milan Music Fest

Expands to 5 Days As it Celebrates 25th Anniversary in Southeastern Michigan While a lot of bluegrass music was performed live around the country from the second half of 2021 on, lingering aspects of the COVID pandemic still left artists and music fans on edge as this new year plays out. The good news is…

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Molly Tuttle, AJ Lee, and Angelica Grim perform as part of the Kids On Bluegrass program at the CBA Father’s Day Festival

The California Bluegrass Association

Promoting Bluegrass Music in The Golden State for Nearly Fifty Years California is a long way from the heartland of bluegrass music, however, the California Bluegrass Association (CBA) represents the largest organized community of bluegrass enthusiasts in the United States.  Regarding the popularity of bluegrass in California, Keith Little, one of the forty charter members…

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Preparing for Festival Season

Photo by Elliot Carter, Courtesy of ROMP Festival Anyone that has spent a long weekend at an outdoor bluegrass festival knows the importance of being well-equipped and well prepared. Whether you are baking under the hot sun, getting drenched from a torrential downpour, or finding yourself ankle deep in mud, it is essential to have…

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