The Tradition

Old and In the Way June 1973 (left to right) Vassar Clements, John Kahn, David Grisman, Jerry Garcia and Peter Rowan. // Photo Courtesy of Grisman Archives.

Fifty Years of Old & In the Way

The Long Strange Trip of Spud, Dawg, Red, Mule and Vassar Jerry Garcia’s burning ambition as a young musician was to play banjo in Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys. He never made it, and had to satisfy himself with being the leader of one of the most successful and beloved bands in rock music, the…

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David Allen “Dave” Freeman

(May 22, 1939 – December 25, 2023) “Dave (Freeman) single-handedly built a company that encompasses record labels, wholesale distribution and mail order to the public. He has made a fair amount of money doing it, but every dollar has been made absolutely fairly and squarely. He brought to this music the thoroughgoing integrity, dedication and love…

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Carter Stanley

Story Telling, Friendship and Carter Stanley

My Friend, Carter It all happened by accident. These things have a way of starting out like that. I hadn’t planned it, and I wasn’t looking for it . . . but “it” changed my life forever. Now “it” is kinda hard to describe. The easy part, it was a piece of vinyl shoved in…

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Kenny Baker, Bobby Hicks, and Bryon Berline at the 1975 Dick Tyner’s Golden West Bluegrass Festival. Photo by Sue & John Averill, courtesy of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum.

Bobby Hicks Reflects On His Career

Famed fiddler and king of the double stops, Bobby Hicks, celebrated his 90th birthday in July. Due to problems with his balance and a torn rotator cuff, the fiddle icon can no longer drag the bow, but he has quite the story to tell of his lifetime in the music industry.  Growing up in central…

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Ray Davis about the time of his record releases for the DC and Marshall labels.

Notes & Queries – February 2024

Q: I was just listening to Bill Monroe’s recording of “Christmas Time’s a-Comin’” and I would swear I could hear the unmistakable voice of Del McCoury in the harmony. The song was recorded in 1951, can you shed some light on this? Dallas Hudson, Charlotte NC A: You are correct that Bill Monroe recorded the…

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The Dave Young Show in the studios of radio station WGCB in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, 1955. Left to right: William Boeckel, J. D. Himes, Dave Young, and Bobby Diamond.

Notes & Queries – January 2024

Don Stover’s Banjo Recently, Bluegrass Unlimited editor Dan Miller conducted an interview with singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale for a BU podcast. During their discussion, the subject of Don Stover’s banjo came up, and whatever happened to it. The banjo appeared on a number of Don’s albums from the early 1970s, most notable was the classic Things…

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