The Artists

Butch Waller // Photo by snap jackson

A Half-Century of High Country with Butch Waller

There aren’t many people who have led a working bluegrass band for 50 years. Bill Monroe did it, with his Blue Grass Boys. Mac Martin did it in Pittsburgh, with his Dixie Travelers. And Butch Waller has done it in San Francisco, with High Country, an outstanding traditionally oriented bluegrass band now in its fifty-third…

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AJ Lee and Blue Summit – (left to right) Sullivan Tuttle, Scott Gates, AJ Lee, Chad Bowen, Jan Purat.

AJ Lee: Back to Bluegrass

 “We started out right/Pickin’ in the pines/It’s a music that stays in your soul.”   Although AJ Lee is currently only twenty-four years old, she has been turning heads at California bluegrass events for nearly two decades.  AJ attended her first festival when she was five years old and, as part of the Kids On…

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Herb Pedersen

California Bluegrass Pioneer Herb Pedersen’s life was utterly transformed—in the blink of an eye—in a record store on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California. There he was, a fresh-faced, guitar-playing teenager flipping through records in the folk music section, studying the newest release by the Kingston Trio. Suddenly, a stranger was standing by his side. He…

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Chris Hillman

Bluegrass Blessings & Music Milestones Photo by Lori Stoll As agreed, the two mandolin players met up at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. They opened their instrument cases and brought out their vintage Gibson F-5 instruments while a professional photographer stood by to capture their meeting.  One was Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass…

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L to R: Jasper Lorentzen, C.J. Lewandowski, Laura Orshaw, Josh Rinkel, Jereme Brown Photo by Amy Richmond, courtesy of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

The Po’  Ramblin’ Boys

Progressively Traditional Bluegrass “Pioneers” Formed in 2014, the group brought together four talented young musicians in their twenties, from different parts of the country, with a desire to make a living doing something they loved while having a stable home life. Although their original expectations were low, their passion, energy, enthusiasm, and work ethic were high,…

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Tad Marks at the Steeple Chase Party, Alexandria, Virginia 2017

Journey of  a Bluegrass Fiddler

Tad grew up in a suburban area of Philadelphia. At a young age he heard music playing inside his head without the aid of a radio or phonograph. He recalls that as a child he would skip along the sidewalk, avoiding the cracks, and hum the tunes he was hearing. He is sure that he…

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