The Artists

Photo by rhonda griffith

Right On Time

The Past Kim Robins—singer, songwriter, band leader, entrepreneur, nurse, mother, grandmother and all-around busy woman—produced her first recording in 2013. It is still available and titled Forty Years Late. “What’s the fuss” you might wonder? The buzz is that Kim was somewhat “late” in life in getting to the point where that CD was created…

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Pixie & The Partygrass Boys (left to right): Ben Weiss, Katia “Pixie” Racine, Zach Downes, Amanda B. Grapes, Andrew Nelson. // Photo by Dave Vann

On The Fringe

Bands Blurring the Lines of Bluegrass For Pixie & the Partygrass Boys, one of the most important pillars of bluegrass is what drives the band. “Community is everything for us,” says Zach Downes. “It’s the reason we sit in a van for hours each day. To be able to connect with fans and different bands…

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Crying Uncle (left to right) Teo Quale, Andrew Osborn, Miles Quale and Ian Ly // Photo by Jenny Hom

Crying Uncle Bluegrass Band

If you haven’t already heard about the Crying Uncle Bluegrass Band, you soon will!   Based in Northern California, the band consists of four members: Teo Quale on mandolin, Miles Quale on fiddle, Andrew Osborn on bass and Ian Ly on guitar. The band embarked on a ten-day tour of Japan in March/April of 2023,…

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Marc Edelstein and Greg Cahill, Clearwater Saloon 1970s

Talking Chicago Bluegrass

with Greg Cahill and Ben Wright To understand how bluegrass in Chicago has changed over the years, I had the pleasure of chatting with two of the best banjo players based in the city. I spoke with Ben Wright of the Henhouse Prowlers, a progressive-leaning bluegrass band with an international and educational focus entering its third…

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Jesse McReynolds and the Virginia Boys at Glenville State College. (Left to Right) Bobby Hicks, Charles Whitstein, Jesse McReynolds, Kent Blanton, Daniel Gridstaff, Luke McKnight and Donny Catron

Jesse McReynolds’ Grandson Takes Us Into The Heart of Bluegrass Music’s First Generation

In the fall of 2022, I explored the region of Southwest Virginia that has produced some of the most famous musicians to ever appear in the long lineage of American roots music.  The 1,435-mile-long highway known as Route 23 makes its way from Jacksonville, Florida, to Mackinaw City, Michigan. About halfway in-between those two destinations…

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Jim and Jesse McReynolds, date is 1980. Jesse is playing the John Paganoni mandolin. // Photo courtesy of Joy McReynolds

Jim & Jesse

A Legacy of Consistent Excellence and Innovation With the passing of Jesse McReynolds and Bobby Osborne on June 23 and 27, 2023, at ages 91 and 93 respectively, most pioneers of the bluegrass sound have passed on and younger musicians are challenged to build on the musical foundation of artists like Bill Monroe, Flatt and…

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