The Artists

Tom Harley Campbell // photo by Jason Kotski

Bluegrass & The Novelist

Bluegrass music is about storytelling. All music is. Rooted in ancient ballads and country music story-songs, bluegrass songs (and tunes, too, to a lesser extent) tell us about the true life blues, the little cabin on the hill, the flag-covered casket, the walls of time. All of them are perfect three-minute stories.      …

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Amanda Cook

Bluegrass Girl Photos courtesy of CDC Artists, Milton, Florida Amanda Cook and her band have become a household name and regulars on the bluegrass circuit. With three CD projects under her belt, a seven-year, five-CD project contract with Mountain Fever Records and recording engineer and producer job, it is clear that Cook has her own…

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Full Cord Bluegrass 2020 Vision Was Hindsight

Photos By Beth Flick When pickers meet at festivals, good things often happen. After jamming together at Michigan’s Charlotte Bluegrass Festival, Eric Langejans and Todd Kirchner formed the contemporary bluegrass outfit Full Cord in 2008. “We wanted to have fun playing something unique and interesting,” says Kirchner. “Eric came up with the name when he…

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Sarah Jarosz

Grammy Winner Stretches Multiple Genres Photo by Kaitlyn Raitz For most musicians, it’s pretty easy to classify what genre they fit into—essential, really, to success—but good luck locking Sarah Jarosz into any kind of category. The singer-songwriter isn’t exactly anything, but is a little bit of a lot of things and maybe that’s the secret formula…

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Six Degrees of Separation

Photo by Robert Nix After becoming an empty nester, Steve Wilson left upstate New York for the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina. He expected to keep his fishing line wet in Lake Hartwell a good deal of the time and pick banjo with the local bands on the weekend. Instead,…

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John Reischman Walks Along

Photo By Stephen Schauer John Reischman lives up in the woods. No, John’s home isn’t a log cabin high in British Columbia’s densely wooded Coast Range. The woods that nurture him and sing new melodies in his inner ear are the stately firs, hemlocks and huge lodgepole pines lining the regal British Columbian hiking trails…

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